Project description

University of the Third Age MENDELU is involved in an international project called “Competent Coach – Safe Senior. Exchange of best practices for effective education of adults over 55 “. Other European U3As are also involved in the project, specifically in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Portugal.

The project is designed to expand and develop the knowledge and competencies of seniors and their lecturers in three following basic areas; legal education of seniors (focused on knowledge of the legal system and especially on consumer rights, including financial literacy); IT security of seniors (focused on knowledge in the field of safe use of IT technologies and Internet resources, including media literacy and the field of safe handling of finances and online shopping); and prevention of crime committed on seniors (focused on knowledge in the field of crime and especially their prevention, practical training of senior self-defense will be an integral part). The project also includes the opportunity to participate in educational activities in one of the partner countries.