Who can use coaching?

  • MENDELU students,
  • MENDELU employees,
  • applicants for studies at MENDELU,
  • MENDELU graduates,
  • the public.

What can we help you with?

  • Identifying and seeking solutions to your questions.
  • Setting and achieving your goals.
  • Professional development: completing the degree, setting your career path, and planning your career.
  • Personal development: your motivation, performance, and self-management.
  • Making decisions.
  • Getting rid of bad habits (e.g. procrastination), and developing good habits (e.g. time management).

What can we offer you?

Coaching in the area of personal development in the search for your own solution, and coaching in the area of professional development in finding your own career path. We will focus on developing your potential, typically we ask you questions, and you seek answers to those questions, and you set a course of action to achieve your goals.

Discretion and professionalism are a matter of course for us.

We provide consultations in person or online.

We can meet once or multiple times, depending on your needs. We will provide up to 10 consultations per academic year, at intervals by arrangement.


Mgr. Martina Miškelová
Zemědělská 814/5, 613 00 Brno. ICV, building E
Office: 3. floor
PhDr. Zdeňka Hort, Ph.D.
Maternity leave


Applicants for study at MENDELUFREE
MENDELU graduatesFREE in the first year after graduation
Public700 CZK per consultation

How to book?

  • If you are interested in a consultation with a coach, please request an appointment by filling out the registration form.
  • As soon as the coach sends you an email with possible appointment dates, respond and confirm a date! Without a mutually confirmed date (by the coach and the client), we do not book an appointment. Please respond promptly, do not block unnecessarily the dates, by a several-day delay you risk offering the dates to another client.
Please provide your university email (not applicable to MENDELU applicants and graduates and the public)

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Send your questions to pcentrum@mendelu.cz, (please title the subject “Coaching”).