Who is the service for?

  • MENDELU students 
  • MENDELU employees
  • MENDELU study applicants 
  • MENDELU alumni
  • General public

What can we help you with?

  • Dealing with study or work difficulties, such as lack of attention, motivation, dealing with stressful situations, procrastinating  
  • Mental health issues, such as anxieties, depression, sleep problems, social phobias,   eating disorders, substance addiction
  • Relationship issues – in partnership, family, friendship, and working relationships
  • Resolving crisis 
  • Management of difficult and/or traumatic life situations, such as the death of a close person, split-ups, sexual harassment
  • Self-development – building self-confidence, time-management, ability to focus, self-worth, etc.
  • Existential topics – dealing with death, freedom and responsibility, isolation and loneliness, a search for purpose of life
  • Support in the COVID19 period such as dealing with study issues, loneliness, work-life balance, fear of infection 

What do we offer?

Our services can be a key to a change and/or to an effective solution to a difficult situation or a relief in form of sharing your difficulties with a professional. We can support you in overcoming your prospective personal, relationship, or study problems. We can also help you to improve your self-knowledge, self-development, and fulfillment of your potential.

What does a session with a psychologist look like?

We are experienced professionals. Consultations can be held in person or online and last 50 minutes. We always follow your needs at a given moment, we can change the objective of the session – we can meet once or more times. Usually, we offer up to ten sessions.

Our psychologist

PhDr. Zdeňka Hort, Ph.D.
Zemědělská 814/5, 613 00 Brno. Building E (ICV), 1st floor – left, office nu. 2018


MENDELU students FREE of charge
MENDELU employees FREE of charge
MENDELU applicants FREE of charge
MENDELU alumniFREE during the 1st year after completing studies
General public700 CZK / 1 session

How to book a consultation?

  • If you are interested in a consultation with a psychologist, please book by using the registration form.
  • As soon as the psychologist offers you by e-mail consultation times, you need to respond and confirm one consultation time. Without a mutually confirmed consultation time (by the psychologist and the client), we do not recommend counting on the consultation. Please do not block the psychologist’s calendar unnecessarily and respond quickly when confirming the consultation time. By delaying your response for a few days, you risk that the time will be offered to another client.
  • Please, let us know if, you cannot come to a session, for any reason, so we can offer the time to another client.
  • Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at pcentrum@mendelu.cz (please write “Psychological counselling” in the e-mail subject).
Please use your university e-mail
Please tell us why you are interested in psychological counselling and specify your issue or topic

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