Increasing the digital skills of teachers and pupils of 24 secondary schools in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in the Slovak-Bohemian border region

Project Code: NFP304011AZV5
Budget:     306 853,81 €
Period: 08/2021 – 07/2023

Specific Objective:     1.1 Increasing the relevance of education content to the needs of the labour market in order to improve employability 

Project Description

The project focuses on the training of secondary school teachers in digital skills in information technology, digital information security and online education to be able to educate secondary school students in the Trenčín self-governing region and the Žilina self-governing region on the part of the Slovak Republic and the South Moravian region on the part of the Czech Republic with a focus on digital skills using online forms of education so that the teachers would be able to increase their applicability on the labour market in the Slovak-Czech border area.

Project Activities:

  • Project management
  • Ensuring mandatory publicity of the project
  • Preparation of innovative joint educational programs/outputs

Leading Project Partner: UNI KREDIT, n.o.

Leading Cross-Border Partner: Mendel University in Brno

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