COURSES at Institute of Lifelong Learning

The Institute of Lifelong Learning at Mendel University (ILL) offers a wide choice of professional, language and specialized courses and workshops designed for specific audiences and the general public. These are accredited and non-accredited courses of different length, ranging from one-day courses to two-year education programs. The courses focus on pedagogy, economics, food, agriculture, forestry, IT, etc. We offer one year course of Czech for Foreigners for international students. The courses are prepared in collaboration not only with the academic staff of Mendel University but also experienced practitioners and specialists.

A course “Czech for Foreigners” 

The course is intended for international students who want to study in Czech at one of the universities in the Czech Republic. No prior knowledge of Czech is required; the course is aimed at complete beginners. The majority of students in study groups are those whose native language or second language is Ukrainian, Russian, Belorusian etc. The language of instruction from the very beginning is Czech. A prerequisite for study is complete secondary education.


Czech for foreigners / Чешский язык для иностранцев


Курс чеської мови для студентів з України / Čeština pro studenty z Ukrajiny