Institute of Lifelong Learning at Mendel University Brno 


The Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILL) was established in 2003, and since 2006 is an independent university institute of Mendel University in Brno. Last year we remembered 15 years since the founding. The main goal of the Institute is the realization of research and educational activities that respond to the current needs of society. The research and creative activities are closely related to accredited study programmes focused on pedagogy for teachers and non-teaching professionals. Alternatively, they can be connected with other activities in the field of lifelong learning. Another goal of the Institute is to contribute to the development of Mendel University in Brno through providing lifelong education and counselling services.

As part of lifelong learning, ILL provides many professional, language and interest courses and seminars for the professional and general public. For all students and employees of the university, ILL provides free professional services of the Counselling Centre in the form of study, career and psychological counselling. It provides education for seniors in the form of the University of the Third Age; for seniors and their grandchildren, it offers the Intergenerational University.

Through its activities, the university institute contributes to the fulfilment of the third role of Mendel University in Brno, and it is a partner for representatives of all levels of the education system, research institutions, commercial and public entities and organizations offering non-formal education. The values on which the ILL wants to continue to build its future are openness, partnership, social and societal responsibility, equality, freedom and respect for rules.

Organization structure

At present, the ILL consists of five departments:

  • Department of Social Science
  • Department of Expert Engineering
  • Department of Continuing Education
  • Counselling Centre
  • Department of Senior Education

Strategic documents


In 2009 the building of the Institute underwent major renovation, which won the 2010 South Moravian Regional Building Award (2nd Place Award).