Scientific and research activities of the university institute are divided into following areas:

  • Selected aspects of the education of future teachers of vocational subjects as well as teachers of practical and vocational training.
  • Educational needs of teaching and non-teaching staff at secondary vocational schools.
  • Changes in secondary vocational school teachers’ competences.
  • Career orientation of youth.
  • Psychological peculiarities of adult education.
  • Aspects of elderly people’s lives with regard to the transformation of society.
  • Intergenerational learning in different social environments.
  • Specific learning disabilities.
  • Analysis and development of the real estate market in the Czech Republic with regard to market valuation.
  • Creation and analysis of maps relevant to immovable property valuation.
  • The introduction of quality management in the production process in accordance with the company quality policy.
  • Activities of a technical expertise and expert engineering (counselling) specialist.
  • The use of methods in expert, project and process activities.


ILL MENDELU has a lot of experience in the field of national and international projects. It has cooperated with FBE MENDELU and FRDIS MENDELU in the research project called The Czech Economy in the Processes of Integration and Globalization and the Development of the Agrarian Sector and the Service Sector under the New Conditions of the Integrated European Market (ID number 6215648904). The university institute has participated in the CSF CR project (The Preparation of Technicians for Educating People and for People Management within Integrating Europe, Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies in Prague and ILL MENDELU). It submits new grant applications to CSF CR every year (Secondary Vocational education and at-risk Youth in the Learning Society of Knowledge and Information. The Function of Education and the Profile of the Secondary Vocational School Teacher in the Context of European Education. Motivation of Secondary Vocational School Pupils to Study Natural Science or Technical Subjects.), it implements its own internal research activities (Update of the Educational Needs of ICV MZLU Students with Respect to Educational Institution Possibilities as well as Practical Requirements. Transformation of Secondary Vocational Schools into Modern Educational Institutions). Individual academics are involved in research activities of partner organizations (e.g. School education: conditions, participants, curriculum, processes, results; PdF MU).

An integral part of its activities is also submitting and participation in international projects – e.g. KEGA – Conceptual Modernization of Content and Methodological Support of the Course University Pedagogy for Technical University Teachers (SPU in Nitra and ILL MENDELU), the programme of international cooperation of Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, 7AMB – MOBILITY – Analysis of Academic Staff Professional Competencies in Central Europe (SPU in Nitra and ILL MENDELU), the programme of Czech – Russian cooperation of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic – A New Profile of a Secondary School Teacher in the Context of Lifelong Learning Ideas in Central and Eastern Europe (ILL MENDELU and RAO) etc.

ILL MENDELU has been publishing Lifelong Learning – an independent peer-reviewed scientific and technical periodical since 2011. Czech as well as foreign original scientific papers, scoping studies, outstanding student papers, reports and analytical reviews related to aspects of lifelong learning and education (especially vocational, further vocational training and education of the elderly) have been published here. The journal is on the list of peer-reviewed non-impact periodicals published in the Czech Republic as well as in the EBSCO and ERIH Plus databases.